Angel's wings

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Been a while since update.

I just wanna complain....

Why is SG so damn hot!!!

I just went out nearby to meet Leon and Nana for a couple of hours and I came back totally drained, totally lifeless. I don't have the energy to even type this entry. I feel.. drained. Bleah.

But it was great seeing them today. Seeing them made me realise how much much much I miss them again. If only the weather wasn't this insanely hot.

BKK is gonna be worse *cries* I hope the shopping (the adrenaline rush of it) will be able to keep me going and walking and bargaining and walking and buying throughout that few days.

Did I mention how hot is it out there???


I hate the heat :(

On a side note, my brother is back from Indo. And he bought me nothing :(

Evil kor kor.

But at least he came home with funny stories to tell me about this mountain climbing trip.

And I learnt a little something from his stories.

I should NEVER EVER attempt such a silly holiday.

He came home with sore limbs, and roasted skin.


Oh well. I'll update another day.

I am just too tired to carry on typing.

I need food.

And my bed.

And a shower.

Shall just nua on my bed and watch TV later.

I think my body isn't breathing anymore.


Too weak.

4 days to BKK.. But I am feeling too tired to feel any excitement now...

I think I am getting old.



Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Today is a very very SPECIAL DAY of a guy I really really really really love and adore!

Today is the birthday of MY MIGHTY KOR KOR!!!

Happy Birthday KOR KOR!!!! <3 <3 <3

Fell asleep crying last night, and woke up crying this morning.

Cause last night at the stroke of midnight, I smsed my brother Happy Birthday!! (I was pretending to be asleep when he got home so I can send him a surprise message!) and of course say good'nite to him coz I was on the verge on falling asleep while waiting for midnight.

Then he replied,
"Hahaha. Good night dear"

And cause of that "dear" I cried for like 30 minutes until I fell back asleep.
Yes I know! I am useless!
But was very touched!
I heart my kor kor!
My mighty kor kor!
Cried also because he is going to be posted to Indo in a couple of months' time for a 3-month language course. And I know I will miss him like CRAZY!!! Sigh. Thinking about it makes me feel like crying. He was due to start school but withdrew cause of posting. Came as a shock to me too but it's a great opportunity and therefore I shall tahan! But really gonna miss him. He's like my only playmate at home, sneaking in chips or fried chicken for me which of course, I try my very best not to eat since my skin is still screwed >< Sigh I'm gonna be so lonely with him that far away ;; never been that far apart from him before, except maybe the two years before i was born and maybe BMT ;;

I realise something.. I sound like I am talking about my bf hor? LoL Nevermind, since I got no bf now, all my love goes to him and my parents!

Anyway I woke up crying cause I dreamt that I lost my mom and my brother... Left my dad and I... I think I'm extremely paranoid. I'm really really fearful of the day I would lose them. I have even thought of war scenarios and how I can go about executing my 'plans' to save them or sacrifice myself to protect them. And no I am not noble. I just cannot imagine myself living without them. In a way I am selfish. And I cannot afford to lose any one of them, because I know for sure that no one loves me like they do. And I feel like crying again. I am useless! Blah.

Ok enough of the mushy stuff.


On a side note, I'll be flying off to BKK next week. No solid plans as yet cause so far only the airtix have been booked.. the rest are still.. *pending* That's another long story, and I don't exactly wish to talk about it... So yeap, if you don't see me online, it means I'm off to the city of angels spending money like a queen. But if you do see me online, it probably means something went REALLY WRONG along the way and I would probably be in a almighty pissed/nonchalent mood depending on what exactly happened. So wish me good luck and hope by then I would be on a plane, rather than... I dunno. Hahahaha.

Sianz. Sometimes, being indifferent seems easier on a person.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps..

Monday, June 19, 2006

Farmed my BLM testimony the day before and decided that I shall wait no more! Today I shall challenge Maat to a death-match! Here is my friends and I next to the old fart waiting for windsday to come. *fear* Waiting is nerve-wrecking! /sigh *counts down to windsday...* *yawn* Posted by Picasa

And finally, the time has come for my tarutaru baby's final examination. The Genkai 5 - Shattering Stars (BLM). This is my second attempt too. With a bucket full of jitters and a bag full of really uBer equipment (Special thanks at the end of the post!), my tarutaru baby marched it with mock confidence and a silent prayer to make that ahpek yield before me. Posted by Picasa

(Log #1) Entered the arena and did all my preparations. Then, took a deep breath in and kickstart the battle with an ancient magic Tornado which woke put that old fart Maat into the battle mode.  Posted by Picasa

(Log #2) That si Ah pek so fierce can! First spell already cast ancient magic, Burst! Luckily it's an almighty long cast time magic so I had time to execute my Bind, ES + Sleep 2 and not worry about this Burst landing on my cute tarutaru baby. <3 Next I casted another ancient magic Freeze as planned after hitting on my 2-hour ability, Manafont. Really kanchiong but excitement at this point as end-battle was near! One mistake and I could die from a single ga. Was one hell of an exhilarating battle and prayed that everything well according to plan! And it did thus far *excitement* Posted by Picasa

(Log #3) Ah Pek tried to nuke me with a aeroga 3 but I had more nimble fingers and my sleep 2 stuck for a second time :) Posted by Picasa

Lastly, I casted a firaga 3 on him and Maat concedes defeat!! Weeee!! And I had full HP left ^^v Wahahaha <3 So proud of my tarutaru!! She has come a really long way *tears* and now she's grown to become such a brave adventurer *tears* Posted by Picasa

And there you have it, I am officially Maat Masher! /joy Posted by Picasa

Special thanks to Murmur for static-ing with my BLM as if not for his constant companionship, my tarubaby wouldn't have progressed at such an impossible rate! And not to mention, for giving me HQ pies for the battle! Also, for lending me his enfeebling torque and his constant encouragement and support too!

Special thanks to Esca for lending me his blinkband and of coz for all his encouragement and support!

Special thanks to Vot for lending me his earring and tathlum and going through my strategies and checking my equipment to make sure that I properly equipped for my final examination. Also for all this encouragement and support!

Special thanks to beng beng and Whisperingwind, for loaning me their uBer HQ staves that I can otherwise never afford (maybe in my tarutaru dreams :p)! Also for their encouragement and support (Even thou beng beng suans me but I shall pretend he meant well :p)

Special thanks to Crowy, Circlesoft and Murmur for helping me with the BLM testimony hunt!

Special thanks to Crash, tikoboss, my brother and everyone else in Vanq too, for their concern and constant support and encouragement! And also for sharing their experiences in fighting Maat with me, giving me tips and reviewing my strategies!

I wouldn't have done it without any one of you! <3

{All right!} Level 75 Here I come!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Char!!!! May you remain cheerful and beautiful always!! And may all the loveliest of things be blessed upon you!! We miss you loads babe!! Shall relive good times such as this when you are back home! Love you loads sweetheart!!! <3 <3 <3 Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Quoted from Beeyan's blog

"Now that Caiwen has found her guy...Alice and Me just can't help feeling happy for her!!..Seeing our best fren getting attached is like the best thing that ever happen..Finali got a load off my chest....but there's another...hmm..babe!!...nothing makes me happier than seeing you blissfully attached too!! I wish the best for you as you deserve it, gal!!!..I know it is definitely not a prob for you...coz you are the best gift which a guy ever desire!! All I hope is for you to always stay positive okie...=>"

Thank you sweetie
I love you girl! :)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Greetings from a cute taru in her blm AF! Wahaha! Quite bored but nothing to blog about, so here's a series of screenies from my favourite pasttime!! :D <3 Posted by Picasa

Noble cloak. I want this! :X This post is especially for Leon. AHAHAHA. :X Study hard!! Jiayou!! *wave pom poms* Posted by Picasa

Fenrir. I want one of these >< Posted by Picasa

Check out my new wife :D I traded my old tarutaru obasan NPC for a hawt new chick :D Posted by Picasa

Orders from my girlfriend >< Posted by Picasa

Last weekend, I went adventuring with my friends to complete our rank 5 missions. We of course pwned the Boss completely :D Thus, we are officially Rank 6 now! {All right!} Posted by Picasa

Escalados looks so cute! Like a boyscout in his rng AF ^^ Thanks to Cairi and Vot for the help! We wouldn't have done it without them! Posted by Picasa

Tomb of the Shadowlord Posted by Picasa

Shadowlord's first form Posted by Picasa

Guess who had the finishing blow on it's first form? :D Posted by Picasa

Shadowlord second form. Very chio! Posted by Picasa

My lover back home. So cute hor :D Posted by Picasa

My friend and I waiting for the airship. He's a rich rich taru! I want his Scorpian Harness! *cries* Posted by Picasa

This glittery crystals... give rise to... Posted by Picasa

Warriors of the Crystal. Damn chio!!! Posted by Picasa

My new bf - Hume Warrior of the Crystal Wahahaha So handsome! Posted by Picasa

Taru Warrior of the Crystal! Wahahaha!!  Posted by Picasa